I bring a life time of experience in the building trades to every home I inspect. My personal standards of excellence and my trained eye for detail serve me well when assessing a home's structures and systems.

Originally from England, where most successful tradesmen have more than one skill under their belt, I am no exception. Although licensed throughout the EU as an electrician, my other trade skills match or exceed those of most single trade workers. I can lay block, brick, and stone. Build trusses. Sweat pipe. Swing doors. And more. 

Now I offer my knowledge to others as a Home Inspector. The building and construction knowledge that I have, came from years of experience -- and not from a book. 

 And, I'm always happy to take the time to explain potential problems and possible solutions.

For nearly thirty years I worked hands on as a multi-trade contractor for residential and commercial structures. I've built new homes from the ground up from site survey to final punch out. And restored 12th century structures. 

Unlike a car, our home never gets a recall notice. Housing and building codes change over the years. Homeowners are usually not required to make changes to their homes as code changes evolve. Rather, the time to check for safety and make sure all is up to code is at the time of the sale and the inspection. But to be clear, I am not a code inspector. If I find something during an inspection that I believe may not be up to code or may have been done without a required permit, I'll make note on the inspection report, nothing more.  Similarly, if I find something that was probably up to code when the house was built or last updated, but is now considered a safety hazard, I'll make note of it in your report.  Old homes will almost always need something new, new homes may be missing some part of the envelope.

I don't pass or fail homes. I inspect them. I provide the buyer with the information needed to make an informed decision. Some things I find may be minimal and a buyer is more than willing to overlook them. Other things I find might be substantial and could be used as a negotiating point for the sales price. 

Remember its your hard earned money that's at stake. A few hundred dollars for a thorough home inspection, could save you thousands.

Get it inspected right, and make the right move.

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